Friday, September 4, 2015

The Market Is Fixed or a Least Being Messed With!

Image result for fear picturesCERR Investments - The new age of high frequency trading and market manipulation by countries (USA,China,etc.) an average investor is at a huge disadvantage. People are making huge amounts of money on market swings. The average investors cannot move money in and out of the market without paying large expense fees to money managers. This is what they want - fear  enters the markets so they make more money. Countries are lower interest rates to rock bottom prices so that the average investors only way to make money is to look at stocks. Governments are saying forget about risks. We want your money in the market. When fear enters the market people look to safer investments but there is no money to be made there. Eventually stagnation could occur where people stop buying because they need to hold onto what they have. Big Investors (secret society) are already getting nervous and trying to influence the markets by pulling their money out due to the up and coming interest rate hikes. Are they trying to influence the Feds or the Feds in on it so money is made and the public is not any wiser? Knowledge is Power! The Feds seem to be playing a risky game of chicken here. At the moment Big Institutions have been winning but the game is about to be over or at least change. Lets think about it, why are governments so involved if everything was okay - quantitative easing, lowering interest rates, devaluating currencies? When things go wrong look at emerging markets to fail first since they have lesser tools to work with.  Look how the oil companies have been saying we are running out of oil. Now we are in an oil glut. If you want to raise prices say you are running out. Its supply and demand.