Thursday, July 2, 2015

I Have My Fingers Crossed!

Image result for stocksCERR Investments: Isn't it strange that the Big Institutions are already saying that the Feds should delay interest rate hikes. Big Institutions have had so much free money since 2009 they will not want to change for a while longer.Money market rates, CDs, Bank Accounts, any investments that are small and less risky are not making any money. The game is still is to drive people towards riskier stocks and protect the investors who have already invested. The problem with that is outside forces. Now you see Greece, Employment, China, and the "Unknown" entering the discussions and becoming more of a concern. The small investor was burned badly in 2009 and was not helped very much with the financial bail out. The small investor lost all of his capital so there was no way to recoup or reinvest.  Also because wages are stagnant people just don't have that extra capital to invest today. Big Institutions are not hiring more people because they are trying to get as much profit as possible. However once companies start raising minimum wages we may see some changes. Tickle down theory is just not working.