Friday, June 26, 2015

Has Anything Changed Yet? Leave Me or Stay?

Image result for cute dogCERR Investments:  Wow the state of the market is still curious to me. Everyone is still waiting on when interest rates are going to go up and when the Greek problem will be solved. All the pundits are out saying crash and burn but nothing of the sort has happen and the market keeps rising. Boy are we playing a game of cards here. The bets are in that the Big Boys are not going to let all of this money leave the market. They will say anything to make you feel like things are on an even track and steady as you go line. Something on the backside of the market must be happening because REIT funds have started pulling money out of the market faster than you can say "Run". As long as nothing else happens this seems to be the path we will be on for awhile. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Market is Faking!

Image result for stocksCERR Investments. Wow is this really a fake market propped up my Federal Reserving buying and printing money. How long will this last? Well the big institutions I am sure will like to continue making more money off of the little guy as long as they can. I don't expect any changes to happen anytime soon. Really there is no other game in town to go to right now as long as interest rates are kept artificially low. It surprises me that the Government knows how they are making certain parts of the nation wealthy at the expense of others. As you prop up stock prices you keep wages low and continue to ignore the technicals and fundamentals of stock investing.  As long as the government is in the lead of things stocks will continue to behave oddly.