Sunday, May 31, 2015

Markets Have Paused!

buy and sell on blue road signCERR Investments:  It appears the markets are waiting for something to happen. Lately we have had some volatility occurring and the natives are starting to get restless. Real estate markets, Small Caps, and International Funds are waiting to see what is going to be the next trigger. Air Lines and Oil still have not found any legs.  Is it time to me defensive?    Tomorrow could be a good sign for the direction of the stocks if the Dow declines. Look for the Feds to come out with a speech to add confidence in the markets. The only game left is not to let anyone know when interest rates will raise. Watch big institutions head for the exit so they can have an excuse to sell. Remember they big guy has to make money but cant make it see like it was their idea. They need someone to blame like the Feds, interest rates, war, global warming, etc.  Feds influence has changed the game. Technicals and Fundamentals don't work like they used to. All you can do now is just watch the crown and try to determine when the exit doors start opening.