Sunday, September 21, 2014

The World of Finance

(CERR Investments):  Hello everyone! This is the first entry to what we believe will be a fantastic blog. We hope to share ideas concerning governmental financial instruments like quantitative easing, geo-political environments, and stock market investment options. Isn't it odd that the Feds have decided to make bank deposits and money market funds interest neutral in an effort to get the ordinary investor to put money into the market. What are they thinking? Do they not understand that most of us have been punished by the stock market in the early 2000's and badly in 2008. Feds are now trying to reduce financial regulations again on equity funds so the people in the financial markets may have another chance at us again. The SEC needs to continue to find the  inside traders and ponzy schemers.  No one will trust the markets until it feels like a level playing field.